With the recent transition of power in our nation’s capital, many people living in this country have something new to worry about.

The new executive administration in Washington, DC has wasted little time in moving ahead with some of its most controversial campaign promises. In less than three months in office, President Donald Trump has changed the face of America (and many would argue it is not for the better). One order signed by the President gives a green-light to begin construction of a wall spanning the distance of the border with Mexico and allows ICE agents to heavily enforce laws regarding immigration and citizenship.

Immigration Upheaval

Already, thousands who called American home have been sent back to an unfamiliar country with no means to provide for themselves or their families. While some may be happy with this polar-shift in immigration policy and enforcement, it won’t be long until farmers and other Americans being to feel the pain at home.

The agriculture industry in America is essentially operated by cheap foreign labor. Many immigrants from Mexico find temporary work on farms as they journey north, deeper into the United States. This seasonal, cyclical work is rarely done by Americans for a number of reasons. For starters, the work is unreliable and does not provide steady, reliable pay. Also, many immigrants work for very low wages, something that an American citizen would never do thanks to legal protection from the Department of Labor.

Mexico is the largest purchaser of American corn. In an act of defiance by the Mexican government, lawmakers south of the border are attempting to boycott the import of American corn and instead purchase through countries like Brazil or Argentina. If these plans come to fruition, it could spell disaster for the US agriculture industry by increasing supply and driving the price down as demand plummets. This is the case not only with corn but with most other crops as well, as new immigration policies could drive up labor prices and the cost of goods to all Americans.

The Reality of American Agriculture

Let’s put all of this into perspective. Many Americans (including our President) complain that citizens are losing their good-paying jobs to illegal immigrants who, supposedly, don’t pay taxes and contribute to a large amount of public crime. In reality, these migrants make up a part of the labor force that the average American wants no part of. So, if you argue that your job was stolen by an illegal immigrant, chances are you are a non-skilled worker who can likely find another low-wage job that requires little education or mental capacity (McDonald’s is popular). Basically, if you have a real job that a high-schooler doesn’t qualify for, you won’t lose your job as a result of illegal immigration. The difference is, you have the advantage over a Mexican immigrant because you speak the language and have protection under the law.

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