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Horizontal sliding windows are available

Horizontal Sliding Windows

Steel Building Garages horizontal sliding windows provide our steel buildings with virtually maintenance-free ventilation. Each window, available in a range of sizes, includes a latch, half screen and weather stripping with either insulated or non-insulated glass.

Doors are customized to your particular needs


Standard doors, manufactured by Gadco and DBCI, are offered in single-swing or double-swing design. Our do-it-yourself steel building kits come complete with installation hardware. Steel Building Garages provides additional door features such as weather stripping, closures and locks. Roll-up, bi-fold, service and sliding doors are also available for our steel buildings.

Insulation is customizable for your needs


Steel Building Garages offers three options in insulating your steel building:

  • Vapor-lock composite insulation
  • Traditional WMP-VR fiberglass insulation
  • Premium insulation system

The premium insulation system from Steel Building Garages is designed to fit snugly between purlins to remain compression-free, giving a finished look to the building’s ceiling while providing the roof with a high insulation R-value of 30.

Let us help you choose the metal building that's right for you.

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