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Our steel garage buildings are unmatched in terms of strength, durability, and reliability. Manufactured from robust steel with expert precision, we can build them for anyone, anywhere, and for any need. Certify your steel garage building with special anchors and framing to withstand 130 MPH winds and 30 Pounds Per Square Foot of snow.  For perspective purposes, that’s a category 3 or 4 hurricane. When you work with us, you don’t receive any old rickety building, you get a steel garage building from Steel Building Garages®.

We give you more than just a building

Our process allows YOU to be the designer. Create your perfect steel garage building by making it the appropriate style and size. Then add colors that fit with your house, along with trim options, accessories, and door options. You can design your garage for a variety of uses, whether it be for storage of an automobile, or to create your own workshop. The power is in your hands, and we like it that way.

Once you've designed your dream building....

At Steel Building Garages®, we pride ourselves in the best customer service. We’ll deliver your building, and provide you with the garage building kit necessary to install it yourself! Perfect for the DIYer, but really anyone can do it! Protect your valuables or enable your hobbies with our help!

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