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Why settle for a standard prefab metal building that you can purchase at any third-party dealer when Steel Building Garages gives you complete creative control of your building project? We have more than four decades of experience designing and engineering industry-leading metal buildings that don’t crumple or bend at the seams like flimsy imitators. While you may pay a fraction of the price for a cheaply-made product at a second-rate bargain building outlet, you will be dishing out more in the long run as these buildings quickly fall into disrepair before you finally relent and invest in a proven provider of steel metal buildings that can last for generations to come.


Don’t have any prior building experience? Not an issue. Simply tell us your storage needs or about how much room you want to operate, and we will present a customized proposed layout in short order. Add as many doors or windows as you want. And don’t worry about going “too big” during the design phase. Our custom-to-order metal buildings can go up to 60-feet wide and as long or deep as you need! How is this possible? We rely on superior internal metal bracketing and an intricate web truss system to embolden and bolster support structures. As they say in the real estate industry, “this building’s got some good bones.” And unlike other property owners wanting to turn a quick profit, we’re confident you will never want to part ways with your custom metal building from Steel Building Garages. It’s an investment of a lifetime for not only your car, RV, or boat, but also peace of mind that all these items are well-protected and secured.

1-Car Garage

Your car is more than just a means of transportation. It’s your entire livelihood and connection to the outside world, including your friends and family. Car culture in America cannot be delineated from other cherished values. It’s just who we are as full-blooded Americans who are constantly on-the-go and like to show off their cherished chariots from time to time. And when you’re not cruising around in your ’60s classic Mustang or even the family minivan, you will want to keep your trusty steed well protected from the elements and nefarious criminals. A single car or 1-car garage from Steel Building Garages gives you complete shelter and protection every day of the year without interruption or worrying about worst-case scenarios. 1-car garages also make great storage space for tools and other vehicles. They also make great workshops, man caves and she-sheds, so you can tinker in your metal escape long after the sun goes down.

2-Car Garage

A single car garage not enough space to move around and shuffle about? Not a problem. Just upgrade to the 2-car garage package! Even if you’re a single car family, the day will undoubtedly come when you will consider a second car to keep the miles down on the family car. As your family quickly comes of age, you might even need to get another car for your budding teen drivers. You will want to send a stern message to your son or daughter about the importance of protecting their valuables. It will serve them well later on in life. Plus, you won’t mind having your personalized chauffeur on call night and day or on the weekend when you’re too tired to complete errands yourself! 2-car garages are also great staging areas for upcoming projects, and will free up storage space from an overcrowded primary residence.

3-Car Garage

So, a two-car garage is not enough room for you, huh? No worries. As always, we have you covered. A 3-car garage gives you unparalleled protection from a growing list of real and perceived threats in an increasingly chaotic world. With climate change bringing adverse weather conditions to the most tranquil areas of the world, you will need to account for extreme scenarios that you never previously dreamed imaginable. A 3-car garage gives you plenty of space for protection with room to grow. While single and double car garages are great for small families or single dwelling residences, we recommend a 3-car garage for growing families and even small businesses looking to maximize both profit and storage space. What’s even better with a 3-car garage is that it can be broken down into separate sections for a variety of uses, including storage for cars, workspace, storage area or a front for a new business.

RV Garage

Even your home away from home needs protection. Just like your primary driver or weekend hotrod, RV’s, still need a front-line defense from whatever Mother Nature, or the inklings of humanity can place down before it. Need ultimate protection? You’ve laid down the gauntlet and we’ve answered it with a steely assault or experience and technological know-how when it comes to what matters most. While they might seem big and formidable—ready to take on whatever the open road has to offer—RVs are like any other piece of machinery. They are still susceptible to a host of threats, both big and small. Why skimp on protection for something that costs as much as $100k? Extreme heat, including harmful RV rays, can damage an RV’s paint and crack exposed interior vinyl dashboards. Did you know that vehicles parked in the sun lose, on average, a liter of gas per week? Now just inflate these numbers a bit when considering the overall volume of a RV? That can really take a chunk out of traveling expenses this summer.

Semi Truck Garage

So, you’re the king of the open road? Sitting high and mighty from the bench of your modern day Conestoga wagon, surveying the unexplored vastness of the American heartland, making countless deliveries that satisfy the tastes of diverse cities from coast-to-coast. Your record for making on-time deliveries? Flawless. Your command of navigating through erratic traffic patterns and construction zones? Impeccable. But suddenly you feel a vibration in your pedals and steering wheel. Or smoke suddenly starts billowing out from underneath your hood? What gives? An overworked and stressed out engine is what gives. Despite years of an unblemished driving record, you’ve violated the sanctity of scheduled maintenance. But it’s not exactly your fault. As a driver who logs up to 100 hours a week on the road, you don’t have time to sit around and make repairs, no matter how pressing they might be.

A semi-truck garage from Steel Building Garages streamlines scheduled repairs and gives your trusty steed year-long protection when it’s not out on the open road. If you’re a truck driver, you will need a lot of overhead. And were’ not just talking about expenses. Our semi-truck garages can go up to 16-feet high, plenty of space to accommodate large cabs and towering exhaust stacks. With building widths that notch the 60-foot mark, you will have no problem storing multiple rigs. These expansive garages are also big enough to fit all your tools and equipment, so there’s no excuse for not taking care of necessary repairs when you’re not out feeding America.

Boat Garage

Lake days are the pinnacle of summer. But if you’re not taking care your maritime vessel, you will be stuck shoreside at the docks instead of roaming the open waters. Boat garages from Steel Building Garages can provide yearlong protection for your weekend cruiser so you don’t have to scuttle summertime plans. We can safely store and protect almost every type of seaworthy small craft including:

  • Fish-and-ski
  • Dinghies
  • High performance or speed boats
  • Inflatables
  • Jet boats
  • Motor yachts
  • Sailboats
  • Pontoon boats
  • Trawlers
  • Walkarounds


Mobile Home Garage

Just because you live in a mobile home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all the benefits of owning and enjoying a steel building garage. Think about it. Mobile homes are basically prefabricated metal buildings, just like our garages. If these buildings are good enough to live in, they’re more than acceptable storage buildings. Mobile homes are actually better situated than traditional houses when it comes to garage placement and accessibility. Mobile homes are inherently designed to have a low profile for transportation and location purposes. With their slender dimensions and narrower floor plans, mobile homes free up extra yard space for a garage or metal storage shed. From a design stand point, they just make sense.

One of the most common problems with designing a steel metal garage is rendering a building that complements, or at the very least, doesn’t detract from the primary residence. Most people have a difficult time picking up the perfect color scheme for their metal building. But this isn’t an issue with a mobile home garage. Because a mobile home garage is also a prefab metal building, it’s easy to match the buildings in both style and color. One of the most obvious deterrents with purchasing a mobile home is the limited amount of space. Most cities and jurisdictions don’t allow for people to add onto a mobile home as this can compromise the structural integrity of the primary building. So, obviously space becomes a huge factor. But a mobile home garage negates this factor by freeing up extra storage place from the primary residence.

Steel Buildings

With real estate and building prices exponentially rising, you must be a savvy investor. A commercial steel building can maximize floorspace without drastically increasing overhead. Think of it like this. Traditional brick-and-mortar or stick-built office spaces and warehouse consist of thick exterior walls, sub framing, a large foundation and an interior wall and truss system to support the overall structure. With a clear-span steel building, all you need is a tough metal exterior and vertical roof system—supported with hat channel brackets—to give you decades of protection with minimal upkeep or rising insurance premiums. How do we support such a massive building with no interior walls? Our clear-span buildings rely on web truss systems and hat channel bracket technology to give these buildings the support they need. Our metal buildings can with stand hurricane-force winds and blizzard-like conditions. You don’t even need to worry about an expensive foundation system. All you need is a flat surface or concrete pad to launch a customized building from Steel Building Garages.

Residential Steel Buildings

Tiny homes are all the rage today, but who says they have to be tiny? Small treehouse type homes may be alright for swinging bachelors or minimalists, but most of us need a little room to stretch out our legs. A residential steel building will cost only a fraction (in some cases only 10 percent) of a small residential family home on today’s market. Residential steel buildings are just as durable as traditional stick-built homes and a great cost-effective alternative. With a traditional home, you will be looking to spend well over $200,000 for a run-down ramshackle residence that gets the “tender love and care” spiel from whatever real estate agent is duping clients these days. There’s no mincing words when it comes to steel buildings. What you see is what you get, and what you get is a building that will last a lifetime. As a reminder, we cannot finish out a metal building’s interior for livable space, but it does give you a great building that can be easily transformed into a residential building with the minimal help of a local contractor.

Large Storage Sheds

Americans have a lot of stuff. We are the quintessential pack rats. We just can’t help ourselves. And while some of us hover on the edge of hoarding, most of us hold on to family heirlooms and knickknacks a little longer than we probably should. There’s no shame in it. Call it being a tad sentimental or just too lazy to sort through all those old Christmas decorations or being able to let go of little Johnny’s first baseball glove. We’re getting a little teary eyed ourselves thinking about the sentimental value of grandma’s old cook books! Ok, but before we get too mushy, let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of a sturdy large storage shed from Steel Building Garages. Our buildings lead the industry in protecting items—big and small—in a variety of applications and uses. These tough and superior-built buildings are customizable to fit all your storage needs, so you don’t have to let go of those items you hold near and dear. Large storage sheds are also great for storage during ongoing renovation projects or to free up extra closet space. Our storage sheds are as versatile as they are durable. You can store anything from lawn care equipment and gardening supplies to tool chests and air compressors for the DIY mechanics.

Metal Building for Garage Use

Car maintenance and upkeep can be almost as expensive as those outrageous monthly car payments. You need to keep the oil changed around every 4,000 miles or so, and fresh tires on it year around. Not to mention keeping your tank topped off, and let’s not even get started on scheduled maintenance. Timing belts must be changed every 100,000 miles or you’re looking at some serious valve train damage. What a lot of motorists don’t realize is they wouldn’t take quite a beating at the shop if they simply didn’t allow their car to receive the business end of a good-once over from Mother Nature. Severe weather, including hail and windblown debris can put some serious hurt on a car. Why not do your car a solid and bring it inside for protection and stability? You wouldn’t leave your cherished pet out in the cold, so why would you treat your car any different? Even harmful UV rays can damage a car’s paint and interior vinyl seating and dashboards. And did you know that on average, a car left exposed in direct sunlight loses about a liter of gas per week? That can really add up in today’s economy. Storing your vehicle in a fortified steel metal building ensures year-round protection and even gives you a little impetus to stay on top of routine repairs. If you’re being forced to walk past your tool chest and car ramps in your new steel car garage, you will be gently reminded to keep track of all upcoming maintenance.

Metal Building for RV Camper

We provide superior protection for vehicles of all shapes and sizes, including large recreational vehicles. Motorcoaches and RVs require specialized protection. Because these vehicles don’t see daily operation, they are prone to adverse weather conditions if they sit stationary for extended periods of time. A metal building for your RV camper provides plenty of overhead and elbow room for prolonged storage. Hailstorms and windblown debris can severely damage RV campers. Direct sunlight can also prematurely wear paint coatings and damage vinyl interior dashboards and seating. Don’t allow Mother Nature to render a beating on your expensive RV camper at her discretion. Invest in proven metal protection with a clear-span metal building that can reach up to 60 feet wide. Our buildings are engineered with a heavy duty commercial grade 3×2 structural tube frame, which provides protection against 140-mile-per-hour force winds, and up to 40 square feet of snow load protection.

Galvanized Steel Buildings

While steel is inherently strong and rust-resistant, we took it up a notch by coating our durable steel sheets with a galvanized layer of protection. Galvanization is essentially a process of applying a protective coat of zinc to metals, such as steel. This helps reduce rusting and premature deterioration. While paint and other superficial coatings can reduce early wear and tear, it should never be thought of as a first-line of defense. Galvanized steels offers unparalleled protection for steel in all types of weather events and climates. Galvanization is sort of sunscreen for our skin. You don’t realize you needed this virtually invisible layer of protection until you’re burned or notice advance signs of aging and wrinkling due to sun exposure. Galvanized steel blocks out the elements, so your building shines for years to come.

Portable Metal Buildings

Not every storage dilemma requires a permanent solution. For temporary onsite storage, invest in a portable metal building from Steel Building Garages. A portable metal building is ideal for construction companies that require frequently relocation. Moving from job to job can be pretty strenuous and hectic. Wouldn’t it be easier to have everything you need at your immediate disposal instead of running back and forth between the jobsite and your primary storage warehouse? Portable metal buildings streamline the storage and allocation process. Portable metal buildings are also great for primary residences because it gives you a little leeway with building placement. What if you put your metal building in the side yard but want to move it to the rear of the property for reasons of convenience? Portable steel metal buildings gives you that freedom without uprooting an entire foundation system.

Metal Barn with Lean-To

The wooden heyday is over. A metal barn with a lean-to rules the open prairie today. Unlike wooden barns, metal barns are virtually impervious to fire and moisture penetration. Also, unlike slotted wooden barns, a metal barn with a lean-to doesn’t have cracks or missing pieces, so it can offer superior protection to your livestock. And speaking of furry four-legged companions, a metal barn from Steel Building Garages can be easily outfitted with horse stalls. Because our buildings don’t rely on interior load-bearing walls, you have a wide open floor plan to easily and conveniently store farm equipment and supplies. A metal barn with lean-to is also the more cost-effective option. With the main steel building providing the overall footprint of the building, you can easily maximize storage space by simply adding metal lean-to’s to each side of the building.

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