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We specialize in the art of building all different kinds of metal structures, including metal barns. They are the perfect addition for your home or farm. Customizable to any need, you can make one large enough for vehicle and equipment storage, as well as adding partitioned stables for horses or livestock. Due to our specialization with metal buildings, we can build you a barn along with a tack room for equestrian equipment storage, a bay area, or even a riding arena. The options are endless with Steel Building Garages®.

We produce three styles of barns:

County Barn

County Barn Style garage building. Red alls and roofing with white metal trim.
The County Barn style uses the regular roofing style and is perfect for a variety of storage or commercial uses. This has the aesthetic appeal of the traditional barn.

Ridgeline Barn

Ridgeline Barn with Wainscoat. Tan and Green metal barn with green trim and metal roofing.
The ridgeline barn style uses a boxed-eave roofing style and can be designed for storage of multiple large vehicles or barn equipment.

Valley Barn

Valley style Red Metal Barn
The valley style barn uses vertical roofing style which is traditionally the more sturdy roofing style as debris and snow run off naturally. For this reason, larger structures should use this roofing style, so the valley barn should be considered.

Steel Versus Wood

There are quite a few logical reasons you should consider purchasing a metal barn over a wooden one. Firstly, wooden barns are typically more expensive due to their high installation fees and time-consuming creation processes. Then they need constant repair and maintenance, with potential structural replacement after about five years. You are more prone to termites, weather damage, and fire, among other things. When you purchase a steel barn, you’re getting it at a lower cost, and it will be nearly indestructible, maybe even for your entire lifetime. You get more from metal with less cost, and we’re one of the best metal structure providers in the country. Call 828-268-3503 to speak to one of our awesome staff about designing your customized metal barn!

Let us help you choose the Metal Barn that's right for you.

Call 828-268-3503 to speak with one of our professional steel building specialists, and we will guide you through the process of designing and purchasing the perfect metal barn!