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We don’t build solely for the use of vehicle garages. While that may be the most popular application, you can design your steel structure for all sorts of hobbies, like aircraft hangars, for example. As a hobbyist or personal jet enthusiast, you know that owning an aircraft is no small matter. They are expensive, and take regular maintenance. Without protection from the elements and a space to provide the aircraft with the care it needs, damages and injuries could occur.

You Can Trust Us

We provide the absolute best protection that you could get for your airplane or jet. We can build any size airplane hangar, so you need not worry if your plane is too big. Create some extra space for storage and repairs or maintenance. Design the colors and trim to match the airplane for maximum aesthetic appeal. Build garage doors on any side to increase the convenience of entering and leaving. Finally, certify your structure to hold up against intense winds and heavy snow to fully protect your hobby!

We are a trusted national brand for a reason. We take our business very seriously, and believe in our products. We want you to be 100% satisfied, and we can make that happen. Please give us a call, and speak to a friendly professional team member about any of your hobby, commercial, and residential needs at 828-268-3503. We’ll do our very best to walk you through the whole process, and make it fun!

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Call 828-268-3503 to speak with one of our professional steel building specialists, and we will guide you through the process of designing and purchasing your dream metal building!