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I did quite a bit of research before purchasing my carport from Steel Building Garages. I was almost ready to purchase from a competitor until I found out that your carports are constructed with the same quality steel as regular garage buildings. I knew that settling for a flimsy, cheap carport was not an option! I live in the mountains and I’ve seen cheap metal carports toppled by strong wind gusts. The fact that I still received the same high-quality steel and the same industry leading warranty made it a no-brainer for my carport to come from Steel Building Garages. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.
Allan Smith, Virginia

I saved so much money building my garage from Steel Building Garages myself. Once I received the easy to read instructions and saw how simple constructing my new garage was going to be, I knew I could do this on my own. I’m telling you, it was a great accomplishment for my sons and I to build this garage on our own – it was a huge bonding experience for us. My father-in-law was so impressed with our work and the quality of our new garage that we’re putting one up for him next week. I recommend Steel Building Garages to anyone who asks me about my great looking garage building.
Benjamin Prescott, Ohio

I really appreciate how personable your staff is at Steel Building Garages. All aspects of my purchasing process were explained in detail by a courteous, knowledgeable staff. I was never afraid to call with questions about my new garage purchase; it’s one of the best investments I’ve made.
Bob Hill, North Carolina

I was really surprised at how simple constructing my new garage from Steel Building Garages was. It came with everything I needed, the color coded pallet delivery made the garage even easier to assemble; all of the pieces came off the pallet smoothly. I chose to add windows to my garage, I enjoy sunshine as I work. I had a “building the building” party with some of my buddies and their families. We had a celebratory cookout at the end of the weekend – that’s how long it took to erect the garage! My experience with Steel Building Garages has been phenomenal, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing a garage from any other company. Two of my friends have since purchased garages from your company, you really are the best.
George LaFontaine, Tennessee

My wife and I are so happy with our garage from Steel Building Garages. I was able to please my wife aesthetically by choosing the Light Stone color for the sides of the steel garage building, which matches our home perfectly. Constructing the garage was easy, it only took two weekends with the help of some friends. I was so lucky to find Steel Building Garages, a company that provided me with the storage I need and the look my wife wanted.
James Sculper, Indiana

I love how customizable Steel Building Garages makes their buildings. My husband and I purchased a garage to store his classic cars in. Other companies didn’t provide the stylish options that Steel Building Garages provides their customers. Even though we essentially purchased the garage for my husband, I was able to find a garage that matched my home and increased the value of my property – all at a great, low price! I couldn’t be happier with our new garage building!
Janet Greene, Kentucky

I heard about Steel Building Garages from a neighbor down the street who constructed his own garage a few years ago. With our growing family, my wife and I needed extra storage space – and she wanted something that would look nice in our neighborhood. My neighbor helped me put the building up and other people on the block have commented on how nice it looks in our yard. Everyone I spoke with at Steel Building Garages was friendly and knowledgeable; now we are considering purchasing another one of your garage buildings to create a game room for local kids. Your products have helped bring our community closer together.
Jason Dublin, Alabama

My wife and I purchased an RV when we retired so that we could live our dream of traveling the country in style. Our Steel Building Garage has provided exceptional shelter for our RV. Since our RV is parked in our garage during coastal storms (with winds sometimes gusting at over 100 mph) we have had no damage to our RV. If it weren’t for Steel Building Garages providing such quality materials for their steel garages, we surely wouldn’t be able to continue our love of traveling the USA in our RV.
Robert and Nancy Hall, South Carolina

The carport I purchased from Steel Building Garages is amazing. It provides me with the protection from the elements that I need, at an amazing price. Your company provided me with excellent customer service, far superior to your competitors. Constructing my new steel carport was easy as well, the instructions were easy to read and simple, even for a not-so-handy man like me. I recommend Steel Building Garages to all of my friends and anyone looking for a high quality, low cost carport.
Robert Caswell, North Carolina