As another hot and dry summer quickly approaches, the risk of drought and subsequent wildfire becomes more and more dangerous.

Just months ago, the nation watched as wildfires spread uncontrolled through the Appalachian region. From Alabama to Virginia, fires destroyed countless homes and acres of wilderness. The entire town of Gatlinburg, Tennessee fell victim as wildfires passed through the area – destroying millions of dollars worth of resorts, restaurants, business, and homes, crippling the local economy.

A Hot Start to the New Year

A new report from USA Today shows that this year may be one of the worst ever for wildfires across the country. Already, in just the first 75 days of this year, the United States has seen a massive 2 millions acres burned by wildfires. This encompasses an area larger than the state of Delaware and is a frightening figure this early in the season – about ten times the average for this time of year.

According to a spokesperson with the National Interagency Fire Center, this year has seen the most acres burned as of mid-March since 2006. Wildfires have already torched massive swathes of land in Oklahoma and Kansas, with both states seeing new records set for the number of acres burned in March. Drought conditions are affecting more than three-quarters of the state of Oklahoma. Unusually low precipitation combined with warm, breezy weather have created ideal conditions for fires to quickly spread and grow out of control.

Many questions have been brought up surrounding the cause of the increase in wildfires so early in the year. Some fires have been attributed to human activity (including intentional brush fires that eventually grew out of control) although authorities say they are still investigating what might have caused them.

Global warming is also a likely contributor. Changing weather patterns are creating unstable conditions across much of the Midwest due to a lack of precipitation and unusually high temperatures. Several studies have shown that man-made climate change has been cited as a cause of the lengthening wildfire season in the west.

Wildfires and Steel Building Garages

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