Of all the uses we came up with for a metal barn or garage, we never would have seen this one coming.

Most people use their barn to keep animals, supplies, or equipment safe from harsh elements or criminal activity. Once an old wooden barn becomes dilapidated and useless, it usually wastes away and becomes either an eyesore or a beautiful setting – depending on who you ask. Either way, few people would be willing to enter, let alone hang out and party, inside of a dirty old barn.

That is, apparently, unless you live in Wilson, North Carolina.

Barnyard Antics

After obtaining a search warrant regarding an ongoing investigation into the subject, the Wilson County Sheriff’s office raided and shut down and illegal establishment. That property was an old, large, wooden barn owned by the suspect in the case. The man arrested was operating an illegal nightclub out of the old abandoned barn and was charged with an Alcoholic Beverage Control law violation.

The investigation started after deputies responded to several calls relating to criminal activity that happened either at the illegal establishment or after leaving there. Authorities also say they once found a partially clothed woman who had overdosed in the area near “the barn.” Deputies have also responded to calls alleging stabbings, larceny, disturbance of the peace, and assault on a law enforcement officer while trying to maintain order at the property. After searching the property, deputies found that the barn was clearly being used as a nightclub. They found multiple bottles of liquor, cases of beer, disposable wristbands and cups, as well as pool tables and a men’s and women’s restroom.

Use Your Barn The Right Way

A bit of advice from us at Steel Building Garages to you at home: don’t turn your barn into an illegal nightclub. It may seem like a fun idea at first, but this case clearly points out that it isn’t a fruitful venture.

Instead, invest in a custom metal barn or garage to keep your vehicles and other property safe from anything. Every metal barn, workshop, carport, garage, and building we sell is built entirely with American sourced steel and constructed to last for generations.

To learn more about our building types and which structure might be best for your property, give us a call today. Our expert representatives would be happy to explain all of the benefits of owning a metal barn or garage and how a custom structure from Steel Building Garages is the best and most affordable choice!

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