Every year, Americans spend millions of dollars on security systems and other home safety measures. But when it comes to keeping your home and property secure, your garage is likely an afterthought. Most people would think that a garage door key would stop any sort criminal activity. However, a recent story out of Connecticut should make you think twice about that.

Nobody is Safe

Police in the town of Trumbull, Connecticut have been dealing with recent spike in car thefts since the start of the month. In each case, residents had left their vehicles unlocked with the keys inside. Luckily, all of the vehicles and property were later recovered.

In addition to the vehicle thefts, police have also been investigating occurrences where items were stolen from parked, unlocked cars. These thefts occurred around the same time period and in various neighborhoods across the community. Criminals were actually able to enter one home due specifically to a lack of forethought and security. According to police, the criminals were able to access the home after stealing the garage door key from an unlocked vehicle. The criminals opened the garage door while the family was asleep and were able to gain access to much of their property. No arrests have been made thus far as police are continuing to investigate the incidents.

Protection with Steel Building Garages

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