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Potential El Niño Increases Likelihood of Severe Weather

El Niño is an oceanic-atmospheric phenomena cause by bands of warm ocean water in the Pacific that have extreme climate and weather consequences associated with its occurrence. Scientists have recently announced that the chances of an El Niño occurrence this summer is up to 70%, and that there is an 80% chance during the fall and winter. For the US, this means an increased likelihood of extreme weather, with historically dry regions having an increased chance of flooding, and historically wet regions becoming unusually dry and hot. Regardless of your location in the US, a scientist from the Climate and Global Dynamics Division at the U.S. National Center for Atmospheric Research named Gerald A. Meehl has said that a strong El Niño this year could result in record highs in average global temperature. This El Niño heat wave can cause serious damage to your property, and spawn an entire grocery list of other potential hazards like powerful thunder and hail storms. For protection of your property, consider our array of metal garage buildings, as they are forces to be reckoned with when faced with the task of protecting your outdoor valuables.

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Metal Garage Buildings are Immensely Protective

At Steel Building Garages, we manufacture the highest quality steel structures that can be customized by you to be protective against the hazards most likely for your area. There is a good chance that the El Niño phenomena is going to occur; it is important to prepare accordingly. Our metal garage buildings can be certified to withstand heavy snows and strong winds. They are built to protect against insufferable heat, and can be insulated to protect against freezing temperatures. Our simple process and dedication to customer service will be sure to satisfy you, so please call us today at (877) 534-2247, and take a look at our carport, garage, and barn product lines! Also, like us on Facebook for more stories, information, and tips!

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