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Heat Damage can be Costly

The summer months are upon us, which means high temperatures and damaging UV rays. Many people take too lightly the effects that heat can have their cars. Each year, people spend thousands on repairs from heat damage, which can negatively affect a vehicle in multiple ways, making it unsafe to drive, and reducing its aesthetic appeal.

  • Balding Tires. The increased heat adds stress to the tires, which decreases their effectiveness.
  • Battery Life. The heat causes the chemicals in the battery to evaporate, reducing battery life.
  • Internal Belts and Hoses. These fragile engine pieces are essential to movement of fluids and to the engine’s smooth operation. Intense heat can cause pieces to crack and decay.
  • Paint and Upholstery. Direct exposure to heat will dull and damage the paint job on the exterior. Also, the interior heats up to even more extreme temperatures than the outside experiences, which can damage leather, upholstery, and damage technology.
  • Transmission and Engine. Long-term exposure to heat will increase stress to the engine, and repair costs to this component of your vehicle can be upwards of thousands of dollars.


Customizable carports to protect from heat damage

Summer is Great, but Can be Taxing

Heat damage is only one way your vehicles and valuables may be damaged during the summer. The summer is also prime time for hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, and severe thunder storms. All of which have the potential to total or damage your vehicle, causing you to spend thousands of dollars which could’ve been avoided. At Steel Building Garages, we manufacture high quality steel protection for your valuables, so you don’t have to worry about damage from the summer’s intensity. Our carports, garages, and barns can be certified to withstand high winds and heavy snow loads, so give us a call today at (877) 534-2247, and like our Facebook for more information!

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