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Steel Buildings are Valuable in More Ways than You Think

How can that be? It’s just a building made with steel materials as opposed to traditional wooden materials, what’s so special? TONS! Steel buildings are fantastically versatile, providing its owners with benefits that most people wouldn’t expect. Here is a list of just a few of the advantages that a steel building provides:

  • Increased Home Value: Adding a steel building to your residence makes your home more valuable! That’s a pretty cool perk, as the structure pretty much pays for itself!
  • Simple Maintenance: Unlike other materials which require consistent repair and added structural support, our steel only needs a simple hose-down for a fresh, new look!
  • Good for the Environment: Steel is 100% recyclable, meaning a steel structure takes very little new materials to create, which reduces energy use. They can also be insulated to minimize energy consumption.
  • Durable: Our products can be certified to withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Less Risky Than Wood: Wooden buildings are prone to insects, termites, pests, and fire. Steel buildings have none of these issues, making them safer options.
  • Upgrades & Additions are Easy: You can simply add steel sections and walls with steel panels.
  • Affordability: The materials are much cheaper than if you were to construct a wooden building. Added to this are the labor costs involved in wooden building construction, which could be expensive since wooden projects take a long time to complete.
  • Simple Construction: We offer simple DIY kits which are easy for anyone to follow, making the purchase even more affordable.
  • Customization & Options: You can easily customize a steel structure to fit the space and aesthetics necessary for your home.

Steel Building Garages® for Your Steel Needs

We have a fine team of people here at SBG who are more than ready to help you create the perfect structure. We’ll walk you through the process, offering guidance and assistance wherever and whenever needed. If you’d like to learn more please give us a call at (877) 534-2247 and feel free to like us on Google+!

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