With another harsh winter quickly approaching, many residential and commercial buildings will require seasonal maintenance. Such repairs and preventative upkeep can be both expensive and time consuming for property owners. The to-do list associated with this task can quickly spiral out of control once repairs begin and new problems arise. Wasting time and money performing upkeep on your garage or workshop can cause unneeded headaches and frustration. Rather than deal with these costly annual expenses, wouldn’t you rather own a maintenance free, nearly indestructible building?

Forget the To-Do List

There are a number of yearly tasks that you can simply forget about if you own a metal building over a traditional wooden structure. For example, metal buildings feature a smooth sloped roof that is completely water-tight. Wooden buildings with shingled roofs must be inspected to ensure that there are no loose shingles or areas where water is leaking beneath the shingles.

Also, the roof of a metal building allows for water and debris to fall off naturally. This eliminates the need for gutters and keeps you from climbing onto your roof every year. When gutters fill with leaves and debris, they obstruct the flow of water and allow it to collect. When this happens, the added weight can cause damage to the roof and siding. Ice also becomes a major threat to gutter systems during the winter. When water freezes and expands, it creates stress on the system which can result in the need for costly repairs.

Another legitimate concern with owning a traditional wooden structure during the winter is the risk of your building catching fire. Heating systems require yearly maintenance like filter and chimney cleanings to ensure that the unit is working safely and efficiently. If this sort of preventative maintenance is not completed, the risk of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning can become a serious threat. We advise all of our customers to properly maintain their heating system if they have one. However, the risk of losing your building to fire is greatly diminished by buying metal over traditional.

The Resiliency of Metal Buildings

Fire safety is not the only benefit of metal buildings. Metal buildings and garages are much more cost effective. The construction timeline is much shorter for metal buildings, with many finished in just one day’s time. Steel is the most recycled resource in the United States, which means the cost and sustainability of materials is much better than that of wood. Also, the threat of termites and the damage they can cause to a structure is totally erased when building with metal.

The strength of a metal building is unmatched by similar wooden structures and pole barns. Every component manufactured is made from steel to leave no points of weakness. Heavy snow and wind can expose vulnerabilities in traditional buildings that metal structures are not susceptible to. Wooden buildings are also weakened greater by earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters than their metal competitors. In the long run, building with steel can save you tons of money in repair and maintenance costs.

The affordability of metal buildings and garages often spark interest in customers who were not aware that they could afford a new structure or addition. These customers find that the benefits of owning a steel building far outweigh the costs. In addition to owning a quality structure that will last a lifetime, the additional storage capabilities that come about with one of these buildings allow owners to provide better care and maintenance for all of their property. Whether you are storing a car or an RV, lawn equipment or firewood, choosing a metal structure will make your dollar go farther.

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