This year we’ve seen fires, hurricanes, and tornadoes en masse. When traveling in your car, you’re extremely susceptible to certain extremely dangerous scenarios caused by these very disasters. In some cases, there’s really nothing you can do. There are definitely precautions that you can take to heighten your chances of coming out okay, and in any situation it’s important to be prepared. Below we have some items and explanations why you should always have them in your garage and car. During winter, it’s even more imperative to be prepared. The cold and snow can create just as dangerous situations as less common natural occurrences.

The Emergency items you should consider purchasing for your garage and car:

Some more stuff you want to keep in your car:

Items that have more emergencies in mind:

By the way, always carry a map! If you get lost and the weather is rough you’ll be in trouble. Steel building garages is in the business of pleasing customers first. We strive to keep you happy, safe, and protected by engineering and selling top of the line garages for your car and your home. Your livelihood depends on your ability to transport your self efficiently. The best way to protect your transportation is to buy a garage!



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