Steel garage buildings have a sworn lifetime enemy in condensation. While formidable in protection, steel buildings must be properly maintained to ensure unwavering support against the elements. Like a thief in the night, unmitigated condensation in an uninsulated building can silently damage a lifetime of hard work. This insidious collection of moisture is one of the leading causes of mold and “flash rusting” on vulnerable metal surfaces. Permeating cold temperatures and colluding warm air can cause this unwanted moisture condensation to fester, causing mildew, corrosion, and that tell-tale damp musty smell of deterioration.

Prevent Mold, Mildew and Deterioration

For enclosed commercial buildings, we highly recommend securing your metal garage or barn with vapor barrier as it can reduce the amount of moisture that might permeate through walls and ceilings. Also known as “vapor diffusion,” this process of water vapor passing through structural material can create uncomfortable humidity levels and breathing conditions. As you might imagine, steel panels are terrific conductors of heat. Moisture inside an uninsulated building can form condensation on the inside of these panels when there exists a tremendous difference in external temperatures.

Vapor Barrier Bubble Insulation Will Reduce Condensation

Drew from Salisbury, N.C., heeded our call for moisture control when he opted to include garage vapor barrier protection when he purchased this sterling 24 x 41 x 12 steel goliath. In addition to superior moisture control, bubble insulation also helps to keep buildings in an optimal temperature range, depending on the season. So during those scorching hot summer days, you can rest easy knowing your building’s internal temperature will stay nice and cool. Unlike traditional insulation, garage vapor barrier is easy to handle and install due it’s lightweight durability. It won’t fall apart like foam spray insulation either. From top to bottom, it’s the most cost effective option in protecting your building from the buildup of unwanted moisture.