Straight Wall Garage for Maximum Durability

Our steel buildings are a trusted source of protection for thousands across the country. This is because we’ve perfected the art of the straight wall steel building. A straight wall building is what the name implies, simply a building with walls that are straight as opposed to arched or curved. We have a plethora of options that allow you to maximize your building’s potential. You need ample space for a workshop? We can do that. Need it smaller and compact for equipment storage? We can do that too. Have a lot of family with vehicles and need a multi-car garage? Customize yours for any and all purposes!

conventional straight wall building

metal garage kit

3 car garage

The Best Steel Garages

It’s not just empty boasting when we say we provide the best products. Our customers are always satisfied with our straight wall buildings, from their first phone call to final installation. We give you the power to design the best structure for your lifestyle, then we team up and deliver you an easy DIY kit that anyone can install with the help of some friends. This process saves you money, and is usually a fun experience! On top of it all, our structures pay for themselves by saving you from damages to the vehicles and equipment that you store there! Protect your investments with Steel Building Garages®. Give us a call at (877) 534-2247 and like us on Facebook for more information!

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