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30×51 Steel Building Garage Can Protect Your Car, Tools, and Equipment
for Any Season

At Steel Building Garages, input from the customer continues to be the most valuable asset to our team of building advisors and engineers. Without your esteemed input and recommendations, we couldn’t continue serving the southeast with quality steel buildings that last decades to come! Recently, one of our satisfied customers just couldn’t contain their high praise for the entire building process. The attached photos in this article came from the satisfied customer below. If you’d like a similar building experience that skips all the gimmicks and middle man, contact us today to get a free quote and get your next project underway today!

The Compliments Keep Pouring In!

Want to know what the customer thought about it? We’ll be happy to share…

Apologies this email is coming late but I wanted to share how amazing you guys are! From the sales person to anytime I called on the phone regarding all our concrete delays. Thought you guys might like to have pics of the beautiful job!!

Thank you,

C.S. from NC

Main Building

Roof Style: A-Frame Vertical
Roof Pitch: 3:12
Sheeting Gauge: 29 Gauge
Certified: Certified
Insulation Type: Vapor Barrier
Foundation: Pre-Existing Concrete Slab
Width: 30
Length: 51 (frame is 1 foot shorter than roof length)
Height: 12 (Leg height)


Windows – Back & Left Side – 30″ X 40″
Walk-in Doors – Left & Right Side – 36″ X 80″
Garage Doors – Right Side – (3 qty) 10′ X 10′

Walls & Sheeting

Left & Right Wall (sides): Closed
End Wall Front & Back: Closed
Panel Orientation (Sides & Ends): Horizontal Orientation
Certified Endwalls: Certified

Building Colors

Roof Color: Black
Side Walls Color: Black
End Walls Color: Black
Roof Trim Color: White
Building Trim Color: White

Installation Surface:
The installation site must be level and ready.

Preparing for the Winter Ahead

With temperatures beginning to fall, you will want to invest in superior steel protection for every season regardless of the climate. Heavy autumn frosts will soon blanket sensitive vegetation and building materials that deteriorate under direct exposure to moisture. Cool mornings can also add a level of angst and discomfort to morning commutes. Monday mornings are tough enough, do you really want to trudge out in the cold, bitter air to start your car before having that first sip of coffee? Keeping your vehicle in an air-tight or climate-controlled garage mitigates rapid temperature inversions so you’re not rudely awaken from the cold sterile grasp of vinyl seats when you first plop down into your car. Embrace the start of a new work week with the smooth transition from your bed to the driver’s seat that doesn’t feel like a cold slab of concrete. All of this, of course, is made possible with a steel garage that keeps your vehicle from damaging cold air and gives you the comfort of protection year around.

No one really knows what Mother Nature has in store for us beyond a few days. Even with rapid forecasting, we are frequently blindsided by extreme weather and surprise storms that can damage our possessions if we aren’t careful. So, why not hedge your bets against flimsy forecasts with guaranteed steel protection from Steel Building Garages? Our metal carports, garages, and utility buildings are made to weather any storm and built to last for decades to come. We can’t control the weather, but we can control our fortitude and preparation for heading off whatever might come our way whether it’s severe weather, or crooked thieves seeking out an easy score. We can engineer and custom fabricate steel buildings up to 60′ feet wide and as deep as necessary! Just let our experienced building advisors guide you through the entire process and in a matter of just a few minutes, we can present an array of customized options that can fit almost any budget! All you need is a flat surface for safe and efficient installation. We recommend a concrete slab for complete protection but we can even install on grass or gravel if necessary.

Knowing How to Weather Life’s Storms

While violent thrashing winds can do untold damage to your car, tools and equipment, moisture is even more insidious and destructive. Unlike the clinging and tearing of metal, moisture permeation is silent and doesn’t happen all at once. Metal without proper flashing or fastening can allow water to seep through exposed surfaces or unflushed connectors. Over time, leaks and condensation can erode exposed surfaces and even allow mold and mildew to take hold. All of our buildings are manufactured to prevent the elements from penetrating the controlled environment of a steel building garage. Optional vapor barrier protection adds an extra layer against the storms raging outside, so you can endure the winter night knowing that your possessions are well protected. So, what is a vapor barrier you might ask? Well, without getting too technical or into the finer points of engineering, a vapor barrier is a thin layer of impermeable insulation, such as polyethylene sheeting, that prevents moisture or water from damaging the metal of a building. It also keeps condensation from damaging your tools and equipment.

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