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20 x 31 x 14 Custom Metal Building
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At Steel Building Garages, specialization is our forte. If you can imagine it, we’ve likely already installed a dozen versions of that building project you’ve debated striking iron to for the past several months. Everyone is an engineer at heart. Humans are creative creatures who constantly dream up new creations and iterations of future projects in their dominion. They might not have nailed down the finite details of how to get projects off the ground quite yet, but with blueprints constantly unraveling with their neurons synapsing at jackhammering fast speeds, only the constraints of physics can slow down these quickly unfurling plans. Fortunately, the experienced building advisors can guide you through the complicated design phase so you can focus on the next phase of the project: what to do with your newly installed metal building or garage!

Customization Meets Lasting Steel Protection

So the time has come that you’re finally ready to corner off a section of your property for a brand new steel building garage. But which manufacturer should you go with? There are so many garage and carport companies on the market that it’s impossible to choose from. Every company promises a lasting building that can endure harsh winters and brutalizing summer storms. With so many to choose from, how do you know which is the superior manufacturer? This is where trusted experience needs to be factored in this delicate equation. But if you’ve found yourself on our website then chances are that you’ve already made the right decision. Part of that comes down to the Internet itself and Google. You should think of Google as the yellow pages of the Internet. It’s also the clearinghouse for all things good while whittling out the inferior products and sources that you shouldn’t trust. While no one is privy to the complex algorithm that determines the companies that have the best social reputation, you should rest assured that only the best get displayed at the top of the page. And if you’ve found your way to our website, then you know you’re on the right track!

Four Decades of Custom Building Experience

Precedence and provenance also become tools of merit in vetting out inferior products. Beware of imitators and third party installers that have seemingly emerged out of nowhere. We’re not saying these companies might not be worthy competitors one day, but with inflation driving building materials to new highs, now is not the time to take a chance on the new guy. You need a trusted manufacturer. 

At Steel Building Garages, we have more than four decades of customized building experience. You don’t even need to have exact specifications written down or even in mind to get started on the design phase of your project. Just tell us the number of vehicles and equipment that need protection and we can quickly give you some ballpark dimensions that we can quickly approximate to give you an idea of how much space you will need on the property for the new project. In just a matter of a few weeks, our team of installers will be on the scene to get your project off the ground. There’s almost zero prep work involved if that’s your preference. All you need is a flat surface to build upon although some folks wish to partner with a local contractor to lay down a concrete pad prior to our arrival.

20 x 31 x 14 Custom Metal Building is Just One of Many Possible Configurations

As we said before, we can design about any size imaginable. Just tell us your needs and we can take it from there. And don’t be shy to show us those hastily-drawn plans on a collection of napkins laying around on the kitchen table or even the detailed masterpiece concocted with Microsoft Paint that you’ve cleverly saved as “grand plans” on the desktop of the family computer. We promise not to judge, and you might surprise yourself with your building knowledge and prowess! All you need to do is give us an idea of what you’re looking for and we rush over some engineering drawings ASAP and get the project going. Recently, our crews finished a customized 20x13x14 metal building for one such customer. Scroll down to the detailed specifications to get an idea of what you want in your next building project!


Main Building

Roof Style: A-Frame Vertical
Roof Pitch: 3:12
Gauge: 2×3 Upgrade
Sheeting Gauge: 29 Gauge
Certified: Certified (Certified 105-130 MPH / 25 PSF)
Blueprints: FRO

Width: 20′
Length: 41′ (Frame 1 foot shorter than roof length)
Height: 13′ (Leg height)

Left Wall (sides): Closed
Right Wall (sides): Closed
Panel Orientation (Sides): Horizontal Orientation

End Wall Front: Closed
End Wall Back: Closed
Panel Orientation (Ends): Horizontal Orientation
Certified Endwalls: Certified

Roof Color: Forest Green
Side Walls Color: Beige
End Walls Color: Beige
Roof Trim Color: Forest
Building Trim Color: Forest Green

All structures are assembled with galvalume screws.

Electric available within 50 ft. of site: No
Insulation: All
Additional Anchors (Regular): 0
Additional Anchors (Concrete): 0

Installation Surface – Your site must be level and ready
Other Foundation: cement, color matching screws
Installation Type: Installed


Garage Door – Front Side – 14′ x 12′ (36″ from left) (Not Certified)
Walk-in Door – Left Side – 36″ x 80″ (Primed Steel) (Outswing – hinged on the left – knob on right) (189″ from left) (Not Certified)
Walk-in Door – Right Side – 36″ x 80″ (Primed Steel) (Outswing – hinged on the left – knob on right) (271″ from left) (Not Certified)

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