Tractor-Trailer Metal Garage

Special Pricing Available Through our Factory Direct Specials

Garages large enough for tractor trailer storageDiscounts & Canceled-Order Steel Buildings

If orders change or buildings are returned, we are able to pass savings on to our customers.

In these situations, we are able to pass hundreds or thousands in savings to steel building seekers. If you need a tractor-trailer metal garage for your Big Rig, thousands off the price is something anyone could use.

Your rig is your job, keep it secure and safe from damage, keep it in a tractor-trailer metal garage. Our steel buildings are rated for hurricane force winds, heavy snow loads, resist damage from earthquakes and floods, and provide stellar fire protection for anything stored inside. The protection of high strength steel buildings in unmatched.


Canceled Order Steel Building Display Program
Canceled Order Steel Building kits are brand new buildings that have never been assembled.  Our Display Program & a canceled order steel building is a 1-2 savings punch saving up to 45% on availble inventory. Also, you’ll have the opportunity to recieve dividend checks just for showing off the outside of your building now and again.

Call TOLL FREE 1-866-535-0262 Today to learn more and get steel building kit pricing information for a Tractor-Trailer Metal Garage. Metal Garage Buildings for Tractor-Trailers. Any Size, Any Rig, No Problem


This is what one customer saved on a Steel Building Garage!

Huge metal building protects tractor trailorOur Marketing Director was able to approve this26×32 metal building through our Factory Direct Clearance for Savings of Over $3,500!

Toll Free: 866-535-0262 Ask about available discounts on the steel building you need for your tractor-trailer or rig.

You may be able to save even more on your building, call now!

Original Price$13,337.00
Canceled Order Price$9,700.66
Total Savings$3,636.34

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