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We offer industry leading designs with unmatched manufacturing quality. If you're looking for a metal garage, building, barn, workshop, or commercial building, you've come to the right place.

Two car garage by Steel Building Garages®

Metal Garage Buildings

If you need a large storage area to protect your vehicles or even your own auto body shop, Steel Building Garages® can customize the space to your needs. Walk in doors, windows, insulation… we have you covered. Our buildings can be fully certified and our steel frame is sure to stand up to mother nature and will keep your investments safe for years to come.

The unique design of our kit buildings are easy to construct for the D.I.Y., and each building is virtually maintenance-free. Our structures are strong, durable, and built to last. Contact us today to learn more, to customize your building, and meet your local representative.

Metal building by Steel Building Garages®


Metal Buildings

If you’re considering building a structure for storage, cars, ATV’s, RV’s, or boats, a metal building is an ideal solution. These prefabricated structures are engineered for strength, long-lasting protection, and speedy construction. Traditional buildings can take weeks to build, our unique designs allow our structures to be installed and ready for use in only hours or a few days max pending the size of your building. This means lower construction costs, quicker timeframe to get the storage you need.

Metal barns by Steel Building Garages®


Metal Barns

Don’t let the name fool you. A Steel Building Garages® barn offers many unique options to construction and customize a large metal building. These buildings have a center structure which could be a small one-car garage sized building or a huge three-car garage size structure. You can then attach lean-tos on either side creating a very large building if you need the space.  Whether you need a barn, garage or factory, these buildings can satisfy any need.

You can design your barn with a raised center isle (as pictured here) with our Ridgeline style barns, or your structure can have a straight A-frame style roof from side to side with our Valley style barns. 

Commercial Metal Buildings by Steel Building Garages®


Commercial Metal Buildings

Do you have larger needs for your home, farm, ranch or business? From horse stall barns to large warehouses, Steel Building Garages® is prepared to deliver. Our buildings can be designed to meet any challenge, and can even be constructed over existing equipment. Many marinas use our structures to cover docks, small businesses purchase extra warehouse space, others have created retail space… the possibilities are endless. Contact us today to speak with a building specialist about your needs and the various options we can provide. Why spend thousands more on Red-Iron commercial structures that require substantial foundations and site preparation when our commercial buildings can offer faster turnaround, and less site preparation as they can be install on any level surface from dirt and wood decking, to existing asphalt or a concrete slab. 

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Sales Support

Sales Support

We’re here to answer your questions, and to help you find the best building for your needs.

Superior Quality

Superior Quality

Our steel buildings offer superior strength, industry leading warranties, and long lasting durability.

Green & Recyclable

Green & Recyclable

Did you know steel is the most recycled resource in the U.S.A.? Our structures are green, recyclable and long lasting.

Product Options

Product Options

Your options are not limited with Steel Building Garages®. Shop garages, barns, and buildings, installed or D.I.Y Building Kits.

Ridgeline Barns

Metal barns for equipment and storage.

Ridgeline barns are incredibly durable steel buildings.Ridgeline Barns are the image of ruggedness. These buildings are incredibly durable and available at an incredible price.

County Barns

County style metal barn.

County style metal barn is the most economical barn.County Barns are an expression of tradition, the classic image of a horse barn. County Barns are also our most affordable option.

Valley Barns

Valley style metal barn.

Valley style metal barns.Valley Barns are the strongest and most durable metal barns available. Built with a vertical A-frame roof for unparalleled strength.

Automotive Garage

Two Car, Three Car, Four Car Garage? No Problem.

Three car metal garage building.Auto Garages from Steel Building Garages are great for car, truck, ATV, equipment, and Boat storage. These metal buildings are secure, strong, and versatile.

Commercial Metal Buildings

Commercial workshops, storage, and warehouses.

commercial steel buildingOur commercial steel buildings are the perfect choice for a commercial workshop, storage facility or warehouse. Contact us about our fully custom design and build services.

Large Steel Buildings

Versatile large steel buildings.

Large Metal Building by Steel Building Garages®Large steel buildings are great for hobby shops, warehouses, horse barns, equipment, & more. If you need floor space, a steel building is best.

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